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About StackedHR
The future of startup recruiting is now. We live in a world where great recruiting functions are a critical strategic advantage to support explosive scale.

Google, Amazon, and other top tech companies all succeed by hiring elite talent faster than their competition. To manage hyper-growth tech companies need a strategic recruiting partner who understands your value proposition, cares deeply about your long-term success, and who has access to a vast network of top talent. 

StackedHR was built on the foundation that there is nothing more important than it's customer's long-term success. We are experienced in the challenges of navigating hyper-growth, and our proven approach helps you find and hire 10x talent at scale. 

Our Team
We are passionate about everything technology, and have a track record of successfully helping our partners navigate the complexities of scale.

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    Ilan Saks


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    Jared Saks

    Managing Director

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    Katherine Jensen

    Head of Business Development & Operations

  • rim.jpg
    Rim Tesfai

    Head of Talent Search and Success

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    Ryan Atkins


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    Fern Kachuck


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Our team members work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment in lock-step with engineers, company founders, and those on the frontier of tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies.

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