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Are You Hiring the Right Talent for Your Start-Up? 
June 10, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by StackedHR

One of the biggest industry challenges for start-ups is hiring the right people. It seems like it should be simple: find an IT person, a salesperson, a marketing person, and then everything's good to go.  

In reality, finding the right people to support a business’s mission is more complicated. Sometimes, CEOs struggle to see the big picture or they don't have the right experience for identifying the best candidates. Hiring the right talent is also an industry challenge because it’s one more thing for an already lean team to take care of in an ultra-busy start-up environment. In a start-up, no one ever stops moving; there’s just too much to do, which is why delegating some tasks is crucial.  

At StackedHR, we help companies find the right talent to fit their company culture and drive their start-up in the right direction. Our human resources counseling can help companies get the right hires in place at the right times. How do we do that?  

Explain Your Company Culture 

  • One big obstacle for many start-ups that are building out their teams is that they may not have a strong sense of their company culture yet. Is your office going to be fancy until Friday or casual (within limits) all week long? How much telework will be acceptable? What are your interoffice goals? How do you motivate staff? We look for employees who will love you as much as you’ll love them. This makes for better team members and better long-term hires.  

Find Unexpected Talent 

  • Early on in start-up development, the CEO is often the one doing the hiring. One problem that we see arise from this is that people who haven't been trained in human resources counseling tend to hire people they are familiar with. That often means hiring people like them. This makes for good times around the office but it doesn’t necessarily translate into having the right skills to get the job done. We are able to look at needs with a more critical eye. Because of our experience in this area, we are also better able to spot skill gaps. We help companies find the hires they need, from creating high quality sales teams to expanding engineering teams and much more.  

Look for Start-Up Specializations 

  • It takes a special skill set to excel in start-up work. In the early days, there are often one-person departments. Even as the company expands, one person is likely to be doing the work of several people. Great start-up employees need to be excellent multi-taskers, exceptional team leaders, brilliant communicators – and also, really good at their actual jobs. Teasing out these ideal start-up workers from general applications isn’t always easy, which is why StackedHR has a pre-existing network of start-up skill-equipped employees just waiting to be connected with the right company for them. We love not just finding employees, but finding the right employees.  

Avoid Bad Hires 

  • So why is finding the right talent such an industry challenge and an important consideration? Because most small businesses and start-ups can’t afford a bad hire. Start-up employees and partners carry so much of a company that a failure from them could spell disaster for an entire company. Start-ups generally run on such tight budgets that missing that one deadline or losing that one client can cause a domino effect that complicates everything the company is handling. This is why we prioritize not just finding a hire but finding the right hire for each position at each company, every time; our knowledge of human resources counseling can benefit your company in a definitive way. 

As a start-up business, you have more than enough on your plate already. Let us take care of your hiring needs so you can focus on running the other aspects of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our network of talent and what hiring possibilities we can offer.