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Comparing Engineering and Sales with StackedHR
July 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by StackedHR

Hiring talent is a balancing act. At StackedHR, we bring a targeted approach to the talent hiring process. Our services complement each other, but some services may be better for different clients. We're going to compare two of our services to give you a feel of what we offer. It'll also give you a good idea about which one is better for you. We understand that every company's needs are different. This is why we offer different applicant pools when it comes to hiring talent. 

Service One - Engineering 

If you're hiring talent, elite software engineers are a must in today's digital world. StackedHR has a pool of experienced and qualified developers, AI/data scientists, and designers. We will build you a powerful engineering team from scratch. These engineering applicants can form your team, or they can help you double your existing force. 

These engineers can help to keep your business on top of any new software or trends. They work seamlessly with your existing software, and they're able to suggest the most cutting-edge software and applications. No matter how large or small your business is, having a team of qualified engineers can be essential. 

Benefits of Engineering Hires 

  • Trained and experienced with the most current technology 
  • Able to train your own staff and seamlessly integrate into your business
  • Can give your staff the tools and applications to boost your business's productivity level 
  • Streamlines your processes and workflow 
  • Able to work in both established companies and startups 

Service Two - Leadership 

The second service we offer is leadership. Each of our applicants has a desire to succeed using innovative means. No matter if your business is a startup or established, our leaders have the potential to transform every part of your business. We have unique access to the top executives, candidate analysis, and excellent judgment to pick our applicant pool. This way, you're assured that you'll get born leaders who have a passion to drive your company further.  

These leaders can come in and help to organize your current staff and teams. They can effectively implement positive change in your company that ripples out to every branch. Our leaders can help to streamline your day-to-day operations and make your company more productive. Additionally, these leaders also aren't afraid to push for improved processes and procedures that keep your company at the front of your industry. 

Benefits  of Leadership Hires 

  • Ability to organize and motivate teams of existing staff
  • Willing to drive a company to the highest productivity levels possible
  • Able to formulate and implement policies and procedures 
  • Can work with staff to identify weaknesses/troubleshoot and decide how to best handle it

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