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Five Biggest Industry Challenges Recruiters Face
April 9, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by StackedHR

Recruiters for startups face a series of unique challenges that can make their job difficult. Not only are startups fast-growing, but it's also a fiercely competitive market. It requires a strategic approach to go get the best talent possible and ensure a startup's success and continued growth. We want to shed a little light on the five biggest industry challenges startup recruiting faces.

1 Communication Breakdowns

  • Communication between the recruiters and the clients they work with is essential, and a communication breakdown or even a lack of communication can cause issues like not screening the applicants for the correct skill sets or trying to decide which channels are best to source the right talent. Recruiters and clients need to have ongoing and clear communication from day one to form a solid working relationship.

2. Retaining Millennial Workers

  • Millennial workers love and embrace technology, and they're starting to be the dominant group in the workforce. However, they also tend to flow from job to job and they want regular feedback and an open line of communication. Millennials don't mind moving on to more technologically-advanced companies, and recruiters have to work harder to fill the vacant positions more often.  

3. Hiring Process Delays

  • Talented recruits are essential to any startup to help them keep their competitive edge. You want the best minds, brightest talent, and most skilled workforce possible. Unfortunately, the hiring process delay for traditional recruitment agencies can slow down the hiring process by a few weeks. It almost guarantees that these talented recruits will slip through your fingers if they have to wait for an interview. In turn, you may have to settle for less talented people, and this can hurt your image.

4. Sourcing the Correct Talent 

  • Many startups require candidates to meet a certain criteria and have a specific skill set. For example, maybe they're looking for a specific type of engineer or someone with extensive knowledge in a specific computer program. Not only does this reduce the pool of potential candidates, but it also makes it that much more competitive. Recruitment agencies have to work fast to secure the talent startups need. 

5. Balancing Quality Talent with High Volume Needs 

  • Startup recruiting is a unique sector simply because startups typically have a need for more workers all at once versus an established company that may only need two or three people at a time. The recruiters have to find a way to balance sourcing a higher volume of workers without sacrificing the talent level. This has to be quick too since startups are extremely competitive and falling behind can mean that your competition leaves you in the dust.  

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