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Introducing StackedHR 
March 13, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by StackedHR

For any startup, your foundation is the strongest portion of your business. It's how you build your startup from humble beginnings to a legendary business. Recruiting the top talent in your industry is key to creating a solid foundation and a cohesive team, and this is where StackedHR excels.

Based in Toronto, we have years of industry experience to rely on. We recruit some of the best and brightest talent in the area at our recruitment agency. Our staff works with hundreds of companies to help match them with the talent that can take their business to new heights. Our science-driven approach, combined with our experienced recruiters, ensures that you get the talent you need quickly and efficiently.

At StackedHR, we offer several exclusive services to our clients to help them expand their existing workforce with dedicated and knowledgeable employees who believe in going above and beyond for their employer. Our services include but are not limited to: 

  • Engineering - We'll build a custom engineering team for your startup from scratch. We have a pool of elite software engineers, designers, developers, and AI/data scientists available. We understand that finding and hiring these people can be time-consuming, and we free up this time to allow you to focus on your business by building your team for you.
  • Leadership - We understand the importance of having strong leaders on your staff at StackedHR because we know that they can help to transform your business into a dominating force in your niche. Our unique blend of access to the top executives, candidate analysis, and impeccable character judgment allows our clients to hire extraordinary leaders that push their business to the next level.
  • Sales - Our partner companies know they can rely on StackedHR to bring them high-performance sales teams that get results and drive sales. Our sales teams compromise of account managers, account executives, farmers, hunters, and business development managers. We'll bring you the perfect blend from all of these fields to help increase your sales potential.

We also partner with a handful of exclusive companies to help expand our talent pool including Zemreach, AppDirect, Stripe, Sonder, Lightspeed and more! 

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If you have a technology startup in Montreal, San Francisco, or Toronto and you need a quality recruitment agency to help you build exclusive teams, contact us. We're ready and willing to build your teams and help you achieve the growth your business needs!